Reviews for "Atomic"

Wow, this was really fun. I enjoyed playing it. Nicely done =)

Very fun to play! Just tricky enough to make me keep trying. :)

Great, minimalistic and skillful. Subtlely skillful, however. I'm not sure most people would understand the relationship between radius, revolution rate, and how that corresponds to dodging bullets right away.

I'm not going to say this is the best game ever, but I had a similar idea a few years ago and probably would have implemented it the same way if I could :)

This is a great game, it's pretty hard and kind of annoying, the only problem I had was not really being able to dodge the white bullets if they were in huge blasts, but if you make a sequel or do an update keep this in mind and it'll be worth 5 stars!

That was... entertaining. I love the music. But I think this still needs to be improved on.