Reviews for "Atomic"

Hey, that was a fun! This was a both stylish and addicting timewaster. Took a few seconds to get used to the controls but after that it's a piece of cake, despite the innovative/different design. I like the way the pattern of the shots change with each level, and the fact that you don't actually need to avoid everything to progress, just do your best. The medals and leaderboard are a nice reward, good work!


can you tell me the name of the song please?

amidos2006 responds:

I asked Agent Whisker about when he will upload it :)

I don't get what this game is supposed to be. There's the presumption you are supposed to be dodging bullets, but even if they were much slower, so that it might be possible, you can only move parallel to their paths, not out of them.

It's essentially random how long you survive. The only skill is successfully collecting squares, which seems like it should be a secondary activity when someone is shooting at you.

An interesting concept, but the game feels...I don't know...fake. Like it is pretending to be another type of game and hoping you don't notice you aren't in control.

great game, a lil' bit too random and the spread can be very annoying when theres a box in the middle of it, however it's a great game and very enjoyable. I think the medals are bugged though as they haven't unlocked for me :l

So cool ! nice!