Reviews for "Atomic"

Was very fun to play, at least for a while. The difficulty scaled up too quickly, and there wasn't much variety. It needs to give me some reason to play past level 10.

Great addicting game, and reminds me exactly of Super Hexagon (Not so much on Super
Crate Box.)
Well this game is actually difficult and and doesn't get boring or feel repetitive in my opinion.
This game is great and free and worth playing.

Amidos! Yet again, a fun, challenging & addictive game! :D Music is awesome, AgentWhiskers did a magnificent job. Easy to learn, hard to master. I've been playing for while and I keep developing strategies on how to avoid the bullets and regenerate health. Keep up the good work

O-o this.....is........*sniff*..... THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GAME I EVER PLAYED!!! WAAAHH!

It's okay, but you can't really avoid bullets just by changing the radius, can you?