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Reviews for "Qumi-Qumi "The Fishing""

I have no Idea why this has been pushed off of the frontpage so soon!?
It deserves a lot more exposure.
I'll try my best to spread it around a bit.

Damn, this is so professionally done - something you would expect to see on TV.

Absolutely adorable. The animation is excellent, very polished & professional. I honestly don't see anything wrong with this short for what it is. I mean, at first I thought the humour was going to get a little too kid-friendly for me, but to my surprise, it got me to have some genuine chuckles; mainly because of the superb, bouncy, unique, and just all around cute as heck animation. And I respect that immensely, because much of the humour in kids' cartoons nowadays is just... Well, not funny. At least in my opinion. If I were 5-8 years old, I would watch this over and over again. Also, that intro song is catchy as hell. Keep it up!

There may be other cartoons that do this, but I think it was interesting how you made parts of the cartoon look like a platformer game. Nothing right or wrong about it, it just caught my attention like a game going from a cutscene and then back into gameplay. Most events were predictable, but it was still a fun watch. The predictability probably doesn't matter though if you meant to make it for a younger audience.

Wow, this was some really incredible animation. Great job. Looks very professional, and intricately detailed. (VERY professional... are you hoping to make this a kids show on like Disney or something?) 5/5
The jokes were clever enough to get several chuckles from me, but not to the point where I was dying of laughter. 2.5/5
The stroy was serviceable. While a bit unoriginal (the basic structure was completely predictable), there were enough twists and changes of scenery to keep me entertained (the spider bit was a particularly good bit). 3.5/5

Toonbox responds:

Thank you for so detailed analysis of our show! )) It is really very important!