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Reviews for "Dovahbear 3 "

Best series and animation. Keep it up Joe2k you make awsome episodes. Wonder how will Part IV will be

An excellent series, i have been watching it from the beginning and i cannot wait for episode 4

I can't stand the Foresworn


Dova bear, despite how serious this seems, is just so adorable. I can't help feeling sorry when he's going down the river with arrows, even though I don't know him very well. But he's the uplifting comedy in this serious atmosphere, and adds to it very well. However, if you're a first time watcher like me, for some stranger reason it's hard to get attached to them. If the episode had been longer ((although I know many artists have real life problems or not enough time or energy on their hands sometimes)) I would have known him enough to cry a bit. Lovely episode c: I'm definitely watching more.