Reviews for "Layer Maze 4"

neither the a/z keys or y/z keys are working for me. why?

Suddenly my brain stopped working... I'm confused. Wow.

Wow, I feel like a retarded playing this, in a good way I guess, sometimes I take too long to figure out what to do next. It's a really cool game, congrats.

Really nice concept, and well developed maps. The programming and art/music aren't an issue in these type of games (though my ball keeps rolling even after I release the key sometimes). The only problem is that I keep forgetting where I've been, and because this is a 3D game...a minimap doesn't help very much...

It#s a great Concept, but like many other said its getting too fast too compilcated :D
Also my brain got lost after a while.
A slower approach on higher Difficulty would be nice.