Reviews for "Layer Maze 4"

This was about as challenging and complex, as eating a pizza.

It gets VERY complex right in the beginning, but a good game!

Confusing but very fun

YESSSSSSSS!!! And it only took 69:45.3 minutes. Never doing that again... :) No in all seriousness, this was a very well crafted, well thought out game which must have taken a long-ass time to make. Just fix level 7 where you can get stuck without a yellow key or paint if I remember correctly (I kind of forget my brain is now mush). Great job.

Not a bad game. A little overwhelming with trying to get everything you need and in the right order and whatnot. But good, I like figuring things out like this.

The only real complaint I have is level 7, where I stopped playing rather than restart the entire thing because I got trapped. You might want to add a layer past the orange arrow so you can get back out through the yellow if you got there accidentally before getting the keys.