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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 9"

Puppy is an Idiot, he was probably borned on a PILE OF SHIT


".......i still gave it 5 stars...."

I love how my last review was deleted because I didn't give you 5 stars and say "Oh that Funny!" like everyone else, I still think you were trying Much too hard to have stupid Humor, and I'm sticking to that, if you have a problem with the fact that someone just doesn't like your show I think you can swallow your pride and just Deal with it.

So the game is you hold your tongue, and while you are holding your tongue, say I was born on a pirate ship, but really you are saying I was born on a pile of shit. That is so funny. So Donkey was born on a pile of shit, no wonder he is retarded. In terms of retardness, Donkey is the most retarded one, than I will said it will be Hamster, then Bunny, then Puppy, and Cat is actually kinda smart compared to them. Cat is like average, or even above average. Cat knows a lot more than the Retarded Animal Babies. Why is he even there? He should be with smarter animal babies, at least, average ones. Donkey is the most retarded one. He doesn't care much about what is going on, I think he is in his own world. Hamster is the cute one, well actually, they are all cute, but Hamster is the cutest one I think. He is in love with Bruce Willis, why I don't know. Bunny always get killed. By the end of the episode, Bunny usually dies at least once. Puppy is a sex addict. He wants to fuck anything, and I mean anything, even himself. He did fucked himself once, in the episode after this one. Puppy married his cousin in the second to the most recent episode. Cat doesn't belong with them. He isn't retarded at all, but there must be a reason why he is there. Maybe the other animal babies are his only friends, or he have other friends, but he doesn't hang out with them as much. Who knows why Cat is there? I am sure Dave will know. Dave, if you read these, please tell me why Cat is even there.

Dave responds:

Because I think the whole thing is happening in Cat's own personal Hell.

Has the world gone mad?! Thank you Gomez Addams for the brilliant icebreaker. Remember kiddies that this is RAB 9, which was released years ago, this was what the characters were way back when, and anyone who thinks this is for kids doesn't know the series. My 1 star for nostalgia.1 star for previous nondisclosure buildup for a cheap pun (Classic). 1 Star for Dave just being Dave. 1 star because I'm feeling generous. And Last 1 star for the 10th anniversary of RAB!