Reviews for "Save Energy & Don't Read"


quick, fun, drawn good

HAHA nice :D

This flash is a mixed bag. The animation and voices are done well, and the story is sufficiently silly to be entertaining while not taking itself too seriously, which is a good thing. I think that the music could have been chosen better; the track that plays seemed to be geared more towards suspense than comedy.
The ending, unfortunately, was quite poor, if one can call it an ending; it felt, to me, like an explanation taken out of thin air in a rushed effort to get the flash finished. When creating any sort of project, it is critical to show important events happening instead of simply telling about them, which was done here.

In short, this flash started strong, but ended on a somewhat sour note. It would have been *much* better if the ending was actually shown rather than simply explained in white text.

Yusuf responds:

Yeah, I was in a really tight squeeze to get this finished, and it was a couple of hours before the submission deadline when I added in the titlecard endings. The track in the background was also a bit of a rushed decision, and I wasn't really thinking much of how it would compliment the cartoon, so I'll put more thought into it next time. Thanks for the feedback