Reviews for "Villainy - Puddle Trubble"

Umm how about yes!

Oh no so shoooort, but yeah you work on the next real episode. I hope this one doesn't come out a year or so after its previous episode, just like exactly that previous episode did ;)

Yeah it figures so far that Chonomonator is the most popular Villain so far since he had some good screentime to prove himself, especially the police interrogation introduceed him well. Though The Lube looks promising as well, I wonder how he'll turn out :D

Awesome ending.

Coffee, haggis, pizza, lobster, pop-tarts, kung pao, tequila, possum

Who cares, yeah fuck it

People with guns are dangerous! So be safe & buy a gun!

The police force must really be lax if a super villain can walk down the street in full costume