Reviews for "Villainy - Puddle Trubble"

I'm confused.... Bit I like it!

That is so funny. It reminds me of the time I saw a fat grumpy ass hole getting out of his car in the rain and having ago at me for smoking. So I got his number plate, went into the shopping centre and told the information kiosk to announce that persons cars lights were on.

Fatty would of stumbled all the way back in the rain and realised he was being fucked with.

Great toon <3

I was going to be harsh as I didn't understand the concept of calling it a Villainy toon, but after reading your comment about the video, I understood why.. It was awesome though, especially how he only holds his breath long enough to move away from the puddle...

I smell russian joke ;)


funny :)

it keeps pounding the dude