Reviews for "Adrellia Village #43: SE"


Scene 1 (the beginning up to the black and white scene):

Pros: The walking animation is good. Nice arm movement, especially the easing. Nice tank drawing. The walking animation in the beginning was excellent. Great backgrounds too. The bacon bag and the bear's voice was nice. As for the black and white scene, awesome drawings, music and videos.

Cons: There are no cons for the King William video. But, for the scene before the video, Angus should have completely turned to the bear. The bear could have also stopped in front of them the second time instead of passing them completely. The bag of bacon was too small.

Scene 2 (from the scene after the black and white video to the scene before the hotel scene):

Pros: Nice music choices, and nice arm movement as well. The voice actors did a good job with this scene, and great backgrounds.

Cons: Rachel should've walked up to Drake, not continue walking. Rachel should have also been in front of the portal to the World of Destiny (the rainbow circle).

Scene 3 (the hotel scene and after):

Pros: The reporter's voice was awesome, and so was the window stock footage. Nice music choices as well. Drake and voice actors did a great job on this scene.

Cons: None.

That Is all. Excellent Preloader too.

MistyEntertainment responds:

thanks for your review!

awesome work :)

MistyEntertainment responds:

thanks for your review!

I knew there would kh refrences as soon as this movie started.

Alright, I'm not sure how long this review is going to be, since I can't think of a lot to say about this one, I guess it's a shorter review for a shorter episode, heh. I enjoyed helping with this episode. I think my writing and voicing of two lines helped the episode a bit.

Now then, the writing. There was a nice mix between comedy and drama. The opening scene was pretty well written, and would have been great if the characters were actually yelling, but we've been through this: the voice actor isn't exactly young, so it's probably not best for him to strain his voice. The scene was still handled well though, it was pretty enjoyable and nicely paced. There was nice direction throughout the rest of the episode as well. Though the silent scene with King William was short, I think it was a nice highlight of the episode. The dialog in th episode was also enjoyable. I feel like an asshole for saying this, because I wrote it, but I think the writing in the last scene is the best. Drake has a little monolog, and the scene has a lot of emotion. The music also helps with this scene, and Drake's voice actor actually did a good job in this scene, and I think it really helped it. This episode is very short though, and unfortunately it suffered from everything that was cut. Overall, I did enjoy the writing in the episode, everything was well written, and there was a nice balance of comedy and drama.

Oh the animation, where to start... For the most part, the animation was pretty much the same as the last episode, which is a shame. It was a mixture of tweens and frame by frame, though a lot less frame by frame was used in this episode. Nice coloring though, very appealing to the eyes. One thing I think you need to work on is scene transitions. For the most part, they were okay, but the transition at the end of the first scene really bugged me. You used a fade after Angus said "My bacon". A fade doesn't really seem appropriate there, since the camera is just fixed on his face, and that line isn't really the best to end a scene on. A hard cut would have been better there, since with a fade, the camera is fixed on his motionless face longer and it just looks wrong. With a hard cut to the next scene (or a brief clip of black like I do) it doesn't linger and flows more nicely. I think fades should be left to more ominous or foreshadowing bits of dialog or imagery. Like at the end of the last scene, perfect use of a fade. The line "I hope King William and the others are okay" is a foreshadowing line, and the fade really helped that. Scene transitions do add to the tone of the scene. Aside from that, I did enjoy the direction of the episode for the most part, though some parts could have been handled better. There were too many moments of characters going to do something and cutting to them having done it. An example would be Rachel going to use the portal and then being in the world of destiny, but you didn't show her using the portal. While in some cases this could drag out a scene, it does help lessen confusion, and when the episode is as short as this, I think it would have helped.

The voice acting was about the same as before, except there's a few additional voices this time around. Gee, wonder who that was :3. The voice acting in the beginning was a bit unenthusiastic, but we've already discussed the yelling. After the part where they should have been yelling, it does get better. For the rest of the episode, the voice acting is about the same as usual. Drake's voice actor is improving and doing a fine job, he handled the hotel scene very well. Rachel's voice actress is a bit meh. Why is it that Drake's voice actor has improved, bur Rachel's hasn't? Maybe it's because you don't have her record lines as much? Either way, it still works, and she did try, so that's good. Some of the pronunciation was a bit awkward, but what are you gonna do? I can't really say anything about the voice of the bear or the reporter since I voiced them, but yeah. I'll just let other people talk about that, heh. That's really all I have to say about the voice acting.

Overall, I did enjoy this episode. I think it's either a step backward or a standstill in the quality of the animation. The writing was an improvement over the last episode, and the voice acting and music really added to the feel of everything. My major problem is how short this episode is. I really think it should have been longer, because this just feels like nothing happened, and just serves as filler. It was still a good episode though, just some things that need to be touched up on. I hope this was helpful, and good luck on future episodes.

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thank you very much for your helpful review! Yeah, I'd definitely have to agree that the writing in the last scene was the best, it was very heartfelt and well-written, and the background music definitely contributed to it too. I appreciate your comments on the direction, and I will try to improve the scene transitions in the future episodes. Thanks again!

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