Reviews for "60 Frame Collab 5"

Great job everyone. Glad I could be apart of this colab.

Zeebra responds:

Glad that you were a part of us and remember you part of the 60 frame collab club now :]

Real great guys!

Zeebra responds:

Great Really Guys :]

Good job guys! It came out great! I contemplated joining this a few times, but thought that it would have been full cause the thread had about a million pages to it by the time I saw it.

Zeebra responds:

He who hesitates is lost, next time just ask and someone will get back to you.
The cool thing about the 60 frame collab is it never gets full, there is always room great animations.
Thanks for the feedback

The only thing this is missing is a scene selection menu. Not that it's particularly long to watch, but I felt compelled to watch LightingLions part of the animation once more before I mentioned that as a definite favorite. This collab is just overflowing with creativity though, so many bizarre and grotesque motion or friendly entertainment all intertwined with music that fits in perfectly, even though it doesn't seem to be specifically synced to the animation. From what I've read it took some intense work to get it done too, so lots of props for the effort! And pretty much all animations included hold a high quality standard, great work!


Zeebra responds:

Wow thanks Cyberdevil for the great review. And we will definetly be incorporating a scene selector next time. Or should we abandon the interactive swf and move on to the easy to use Mp4...
Finding the right music was one of the hardest parts. And I thank metalbooster for all his recommendations from which I chose the "Forest Funk". Some would say it was bland and repetitive but I believe it provided the perfect foundation for everyone's animations to shine.

Daily 3rd. pretty cool guys!