Reviews for "Bye Robot"

I'm not giving this any stars because I can't play the silly thing. No matter how I line up or rotate the spheres in the second activity (before actual gameplay even begins), nothing happens.

how to get the second secret medal?

Not too bad, actually. Not a fan of the controls, but I understand they are part of the atmosphere. Would've liked it to be a little longer, and I liked getting all the medals! Wish you could actually do something in the bonus stage though!

the music was very to much on the bass... it really detracted from what I think you were trying to get the feeling of in the game. the graphics of the game is really the best part of the whole game... while they did feel blocky they still served there purpose... but the gameplay (or lack there of) was really kind of bad... to the point where the game was really more of just a 'find the right spot to click' game... no explanation whatsoever... no puzzle... nothing. just watching a robot walk.

this game really just felt more like an experiment into a different medium... which if that's the case, I can defenitely say you should keep working on it, I can see where this could be used to make something really interesting. but you defenitely still have a lot to improve.

Uhm don't know if it's my computer but this is lagging and being very slow and I was excited to play it :(