Reviews for "PowerTrip"


"The sun is over a thousand solar years old"...
of course when you measure how old the sun is based off of sun-time, it's impressive XD
Funny, well animated and full of flash favorites on the voice acting. Well done

That was AWESOME

hahahaha! the humour was excellent, and not -expected in some parts of the movie....
i liked the character designs of both the heroes and the villains alike, and i enjoyed the whole fluid animation, and the sexy girl characters, nice work!
i also loved the adventures of the nerdy-boy-man, the hero that does epic stuff.
great face expressions, and amazing animation, and humour.
i also loved the labia in this.

anyways, good cartoon, it reminded me a bit of egoraptor's movies, but it was good nontheless.
keep it up, and do more!

If you would've made this an old fashioned flash with an ending looping sequence, that ending would've made the best end screen I had ever seen.

Great cartoon.