Reviews for "PowerTrip"

Loved it but just one question....WHY IS THIS RATED M?!

I was about to show this to my sister until the strip club part...but I still really liked the video even with the mini-porno XD Really good animation and voicing and it was hilarious the whole way through

Now this is an animation! Not only that, it has great voice work and an excellent sound track. I really enjoyed the croc-monster humping the building (yeah and the women too); although for all his muscles the muscle man sure is a quick shot :D. The scene with the distorted color scheme(right before he enters the strip club) was engaging it kept me watching. The women were portrayed sexually, but I mean come on that's part of the style (and one of the reasons we keep coming back)

The story and the audio, flowed, I guess? It was excellent. I tend to see great animations with sub par voices and little if any sound. The animator brings form and motion, the sound brings ambiance
and emotion; you really nailed it this time. The voice work was great, the women moaning was euphoric and glided well with the timing of the frames, and the sound track went well.

What I would want to see? More dialogue, not enough talking, *(did I come to see an animation or a soap opera?) I don't want to just kiss ass here I want to see more of how the characters feel I want to become attached to them(assuming these aren't just one shot characters that will thrown away).
For what it was I thought the story flowed pretty well.

I guess I have seen something really well done, and now I expect more.


Someone care to explain why it was a fail for him in the strip club

WTF looking at the sun will give u superpowers bullshit!
it's funny how he get a idea to go to lose he's V word