Reviews for "PowerTrip"

Imagine having to lick the thing every day
All you n***as stare at this shit

O sh(ppfffttt)it

XDDD 10000/10! Freakin hilarious, nice sound effects, well done voice acting, fluid (if not a little fast) animation, I love it!

Even in superhero form, man can't last in bed. Now that's sad, super powers don't give super lasting abilities and finding her g spot.....I rather have those two over super strength, speed, fly, x ray vision, controlling the weather, going invisible, reading minds you name it. To have all those but not satisfy a woman in bed and last only a few seconds? Shoot....might as well Krytonight me now.

What's Professor science user name on NG? Ive heard his voice saying "Oh no Dugdrio is using___" some attack idk what it was but it was pretty funny!