Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"


Dude, don't blame it all on Lisa. Homer's been nothing but a retarded punching bag since forever now and Bart's just a complete wuss. Lisa's annoying but there is so much more things that are wrong with the show than her.

So it seems had Homer not killed Lisa then the Simpsons would still live on. Is it really Lisa's fault or is it Homer's (who was drunk)...? Still, a decent flash overall. Good job.

I feel like egoraptor voiced something in this...............

I notice more and more animators are doing the "egoraptor" style of comedy. That is- animation that tries to appear as though the animator doesnt really care when obvious effort is put into the quality. Even the tonal elevations of the voice was comparable to previous egoraptor styles which was weird.

Just an observation. Pretty funny. Well animated. 4 stars.