Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

Vulgarity on Newgrounds? Are you noobs fucking retarded?

I've barely watched the Simpsons in years but that's more due to generally crummy writing and patchy, contrived plots rather than Lisa's character in particular so this video just kind of confused me, really. The animation was fairly standard too, typical over-the-top Newgrounds parody style. Overall, meh.

Lisa kills FOX in general.

now that was fucking funny i give it 5 start's i was laghing my ass off.

You know, honestly I like Lisa: she adds a lot of spirituality and profound thoughts and other shit too. But kill her, so Matt Groenig can become multi-milionaire and do cocaine (a lot of it) using the back of some hooker? LET'S KILL THE LITTLE BUDDHIST VEGETARIAN FUCKIN STUPID BITCH, I SAY!!!