Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

Brilliant! It's extremely rare to find something both dramatic and still really funny. I reckon this is your best yet. I loved the Marge poster.

Personally I don't think the new writers are capable of writing like the classic seasons. You need a smart writer to make a smart character like Lisa, and she dealt with the parody's that were based of society, usually as the victim.

Im lost for words.

Lisa getting called a c**t, Matt Groening snorting coke with strippers... what more could I ask for? :D

this .. this is good ...but ... IT ... IT TASTES LIKE EGORAPTER!

just awsm good animation and really funny... **show me that nipples lololol

Awsome story but...PARODY LIKE NO OTHER!And where the hell did homer got the beer?You know the one next to the bed when he's crying?And a little bit true...when Lisa talks it's boring...5/5!!!!Keep it going man!*sniff*