Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

i enjoyd alot x-ept all the humans going this has the taste of rapture or something like tha
oh wait nvm

"What do you even do?" ©Egoraptor GMBH Productions & Co 0000-End of time, ®

This...This tastes like Egoraptor!

Egoraptor much? Jk. However, this does make me wonder what would happen to "the Simpletons" if one of the cast members died unexpectedly or quit b/c of fucking scientology issues (i.e bart).

That was gold, and I always like the way you draw girls, they're always pretty.

Speedo responds:

thanks, girls are fun to draw which is why I have to unnecessarily shoe-horn them into every animation I make ever! <3

I don't watch the Simpsons almost anymore, neverthless is so true when jokes are forced.