Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

So true. Many shows suffer because the writers try to make background characters/one-time charterers seem relevant and/or likable. News flash, it won't. Stick to the old formula that works and all will be well.

EPIC!!!! :D :D

You gave Homer drunken intelect, bart... yeah i see that coming. Lisa, um thats how she would sound if she had Barts inelect... and over all I thought it was cool. Even watchd it twice. Jokes were a hit ad miss, but yeah good job.

"It's gotta be little Lisa Simpson: Springfield's answer to the question no one asked!"
Ned Flanders, Hurricane Neddy.

But seriously, she provides the intellectual viewpoint, in the same way that Brian does in family guy.
Sometimes the whole joke IS that she is irrelevant, although mostly she is there to laugh/sigh at the stupidity of the rest of the cast.

Good animation, although I don't like the style, same of audio.
Disagree with the point, although I see what you're trying to say.

crap not funny also lisa is a good character