Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

i like it the part homer was mad at lisa remined me of egoraptors pokeawesome

awww lol I loved lisa she was adorable and so smart:) poor lisa lisa I still like you lol

I figure that their biggest oversight/flaw with the new episodes is that they're all centered around modern day technological advances that have already been satirically torn apart, and by the time Matt Groening and his writing crew of Neanderthals animate and (barely) voice act it, it's a beaten fucking horse. For example, the episode "Mypods and Boomsticks" incorporates generic humor based off of the self-imposed evils of the "Mapple" company, because "lol apple is full of nazis and nobody has ever made that joke ever!". When they get around to actually making a comedic stance on something not as negatively viewed, they butcher the shit out of it. It's practically come to a point where nothing is funny and/or original on the show, and the only means of keeping it alive are by reiterating the same one-liners over and over, until it's become a self-loathing "meme" for the show to revisit two seasons later.

The old guy doing coke off the hookers ass was the first time I laughed. Then I laughed until the end.
Your movies always surprise me in some fucked up way.