Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

This was really bad, not funny at all. You tried why to hard and you copyed egoraptor to much and did it very poorly . You even copyed a line from his pokemon parody, thats just sad. Try again and this time come up with your own material. btw the reason why The Simpson sucks now is because the show as gone on why to long. The show been around for 23 years and with out a real story line to it. Its logical that over time it will suck. Anyways you should really Try again and next time don't copy someone else's style and don't say you didn't I saw it with in few second of watching it.
Good Luck next time.

Even though I rarely watch The Simpsons; this was very poignant and funny.

It isn't often that The Simpsons get parodied, and it's very rare for a spoof of that to be funny. For some time, I had similar feelings towards South Park when Trey and Matt shifted gears from homemade raw and crude to "the cynic taking off his mask" and "the irony not being lost." Anyways, here's what I have to say.

Animation: Considering that the subject material rarely having good animation; everything was a blast to watch. The characters were very expressive, well-drawn, excellently timed, and just plain well-animated. In addition, your color choices are amazing and I liked that Marge porno poster that you did in Bart's room. If there is one thing for certain: you're better at drawing women than Richie Zirbes, co-creator of Perfect Kirby.
Audio: Great job on the music selection, which shows that you have the ear of a director. They complemented each scene perfectly. However, the voices aren't very good, but I have a hunch that you were ripping on the shows voices being phoned in.
Content: It takes a delicate hand in making something like this work; anyone else would have fucked up big time. I was laughing throughout the whole film with your superb timing and gags. Truth is, your brand of poignancy was sorely needed considering how long that show has been on. Anything that goes on and on for a long time eventually stumbles and falls flat on its face, and The Simpsons are evidence of that. However, there is still a lot of material to mock considering the subject of The Simpsons has gone to shit, but that's another story.

What I liked about this:
-Underused subject
-Great art and animation
-Very Poignant

What I didn't like:
-Some of the voices
-The end felt forced and predictable

Overall: Great work such as this deserver a nine and maybe you should take the piss out of the following:
-South Park
-Hi-Definition Audio and Video
-Digital Distribution (Steam, X-Box Live Arcade/Indie Games, PSN, Ouya, etc.)
-Rtil and his followers
-Motion Comics

Some of the kids in this generation can't really relate to this, but I think this is so true and this was fucking awesome

i hate lisa too

your Sick!:D