Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

nothing too new or interesting

YAY! another accidental ego suck-off! ...anyways.....I actually had to look down at the credits to see if he did the voice....justsayin'. I find it hard to figure out if people copy him...or he just has an average, general, universal sense of humor.......hmm.

BUT!.....it was neato, i liked it, and relevant. Lisa can suck a fat one. Also....simpsons sucks anyways. .o.

Yet another great work by SpeedoSausage! Keep it up! P.S FUCK THE HATERS!

I thought Lisa was going to have a worse ending - that she would grow up and turn into Hillary Clinton.

Yeah I agree with the posters bellow. This is pretty vulgar and really isn't funny either. Plus, I really don't find Lisa to be all that annoying. Sorry buddy, but you lost me pretty quickly in this video. Also, the animation style is pretty crappy admittedly.