Reviews for "[ Electro ] Frontlines"

The intro into the song is done well, starting slow using sound effects to enhance the tune. The buildup is great and far from generic. Instead of using rapid fire notes it changes the tune and slowly builds up. The drop is epic and loud. The drop changes the tune just enough so that its recognizable, but more intense in every way. The tune after the drop is unmemerable and bland in my opinion (hence why this isn't five stars). But the song makes up for it, with a perfect buildup to another drop, which is even MORE intense than the last, and then the song ends off with the beginning tune, but still ends strong. Overall, a great song with a perfect buildup and drop, with a meme rabble main tune that will stay in my head for a long time. If you've read this far, thanks for reading my mini novel ;)

I absolutely love this song. I heard a small part of it in geometry dash world where they used it, but I wanted to hear the whole song, and I loved. Awesome, Dexarson.

*hears bass drop, dies afterwards.* amazing. 11/10 would recommend *thumbs up*

This is definitely your best song.

Dex Arson.