Reviews for "[ Electro ] Frontlines"

Wow. Just wow! :)

The entire song could only be contested by Deadlocked in terms of adrenaline. The only part i didn't like was the ending. The shotgun blast was a little anticlimactic, but other than that, definitely in my top five favorite newgrounds songs and will be going into a geometry dash level!

5 Stars hand down! I love the drop <3

Best. Song. Ever.
5 stars, no contest!

Super awesome. Love the beat drop at 0:37. Also used in Frontline Full by God Of Music in GD (3rd lvl in Lava Gauntlet). Only 4 Stars though, started to sound different (and I kinda didn't like it) from 1:29 to 2:05. After and before that, EPIC.