Reviews for "Derp till Dawn"

Here is a tip ; include instructions on the controls as a whole.

Although the graphics are nice, the premise fall squarely into the 'overused' category, complete with the generic forest. The lack of clear instructions means that you're left to wander until something happen (if anything does happen).

Just as an example, there is a house with a brightly colored door to the north of the map. Such a vivid color compared to the environment means, in most games, that the door can potentially be opened. But having left no instructions other than how to run, the player is limited to mashing the keyboard randomly or just leaving the door alone.

If the game had proper instructions, the confusion above would have been avoided. Likewise, if it was truly part of the background, not making it vividly colored to the point that it's more visible and obvious than the main character would have helped.

So yeah, due to problems with the game, the rather uninteresting premise, and a flawed execution, I am forced to give this a low score. You obviously put a lot of effort on the graphics (or stole from a very good engine for this type of game) but without the ability to play it proper, it's kind of a waste.

Donitz responds:

Thank you for your feedback. I added some additional instructions in the beginning of the game. The door will open but you do not need to interact with it yourself. Hopefully that should be a bit clearer now.

I was very surprised to see how in depth this game actually was. Idk if it is winnable or not but I got to the brick part of the underground area after the bridge over the water. I kinda got trapped there and couldn't find a way out fast enough. Great job though.