Reviews for "CrateRun"

great game! challenging but no where near impossible, i like it!

Not bad, controls are not as bad as some of the reviews say, but that could vary between PCs. Great idea, music is good, and the level design is creative enough. Level 5 was a bit difficult, the controls were very slippery. I also think this game could use some medals, but good game anyway.

The graphics are cool, the music's good, and it's a challenging but fun game! :D

I got to level 20, so I feel like I have a decent feel for the game. I must say that despite the simple graphics, you have a really nice presentation and a good working platform engine. The controls are a bit strange, but I caught on about variable jumps and changing direction in midair soon enough.

I like the simplicity of the level design. The graphics remind me a lot of The Impossible Game, while the gameplay reminds me a lot of Meatboy. The difficulty curve seemed a bit much at first and there were several points at which I considered quitting, but it was only when I hit the mine level that I quit. Nailing the same incredibly narrow jump several times is what turned me off.

Anyway what you have here is decent, and I like how unique the controls work, but they are still clunky as others have said, and as platformers go this really doesn't bring anything new to the table.

The decision to change a normal platformer jump mechanic to a floating, hard-to-control arc inflates the difficulty artificially without contributing anything to the game. The levels are exquisitely designed, I just question that directive choice. Even falling in a straight line, or landing where I expected, became a challenge, especially in later levels where a combination of cannons, spikes, and thin pillars meant precision was needed.

The wall-jumping ability somewhat makes up for this initially, as if I 'messed up' I could still jump off of the side of the block I'd intended to land on, but once spikes on the sides of blocks came into play, I was crippled not by the level, but by not understanding how the square was moving. Sure, if I had exact timing I'm sure I could control it, but with human reflexes, I'd find myself hitting the same buttons at approximately the same timing and moving in a COMPLETELY different way due to the floating.

In other platformers, even those where precision is perilously exact, using approximately the same timing gets you to approximately the same space. The floating of the block meant that I'd completely overshoot or undershoot where I wanted to go, trying the exact same button combination (jumping forward, then frantically adjusting between left and right til I got the right adjustment down doesn't even work because of this).

Music also great.