Reviews for "CrateRun"

It would be a great game but the problem is that the jump doesn't even scrath the moving sensibility and sloppy control are awful

This game is so fucking difficult. Not sure if it's the slide in the controls or the latency issues of my shitty comp. but I fucking hate you... In a good way, though. Difficult games like these are my bread in butter, however I only got to level 20 and I seriously needed to rage quit...

Good game; the mechanics aren't so horrible that'd I'd want to tweak them. Awesome games like Megaman had touchy controls and horrible "fraction of a pixel" jump puzzles, so... Keep up the good work. Don't spoon feed me my victories.

Seriously, though, you're devious.

I got to level 20, so I feel like I have a decent feel for the game. I must say that despite the simple graphics, you have a really nice presentation and a good working platform engine. The controls are a bit strange, but I caught on about variable jumps and changing direction in midair soon enough.

I like the simplicity of the level design. The graphics remind me a lot of The Impossible Game, while the gameplay reminds me a lot of Meatboy. The difficulty curve seemed a bit much at first and there were several points at which I considered quitting, but it was only when I hit the mine level that I quit. Nailing the same incredibly narrow jump several times is what turned me off.

Anyway what you have here is decent, and I like how unique the controls work, but they are still clunky as others have said, and as platformers go this really doesn't bring anything new to the table.

This could be very fun but like others before me have said its the controls that really bring the game down. Mostly the jumping because it does a full rolling jump and you can't really stop it when you want and that's what responsible for 90% of deaths.

The challenge in this game isn't the level design, it's the clunky controls. If the controls were smooth like in Give Up, with the same level design, the game would hardly be challenging.