Reviews for "CrateRun"


stupid white box pls stopu the front jump you will die
that game remember me the game "give up" and "N" and the other variant but its original because its a white box throwing pixel everywhere

This had to be one of the best platformer game I have ever played. It was extremely challenging at some parts, but it doesn't make you want to rage quit. The music was fitting and epic. Though, I was disappointed at the ending, you should've had an animated sequence, which would've been cool if you used flash animation to make a highly detailed white cube with a face doing whatever. Making it to the end or something. But it was an excellent game, and I hope you make a sequel to this.

I thought this was a good platformer. it was entertaining, but lacked in a couple of spots. NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE SMB. That being said i had a couple of control issues such as not jumping from time to time and not clinging to walls, but for a time killer this is fine. Hope to see bigger and better things in the future.

It was fun. The over-the-top slip of the controls was kind of too much, but at least it gave the gameplay a fresh feel.

I felt that difficulty curve was bad. The 16 level (Pillars of Creation) for example was the hardest level for me and it's in the middle of the game.
About the level designing in general, it's good, nothing to really point out. I enjoyed best these: 19 (Outer Space, 'cause it's was cool to thinking through and timing it), 25 (Equilibrium, easy, but fast and enjoyable) and 26(Aiming wall jumps. Awesome) Worst, these: 13 (The Well. With the slippery controls, not probably the best level to make. It's just annoying), 24 (Wrong Key. The way to the key it's too long. It seems to be there just to make space, like level 30), and 29 (Hidden Danger. The idea was cool, but the way it was implemented it was just boring. Just walljump 'til the end) Also, props to levels 16(Pillars of Creation), 26(Equilibrium) and 27(King of the Mountain), because (Probably not on purpose) they exploited the odd control, in a way it made you calculate the jumps and stuff. Which is both good and bad.
Graphics do their job. Though i've seen the square thing leaving sparkles behind an awful bunch of times. Music fits.

And that's it. More precise and stiff controls would be apreciated. And if you're going to make a game with this kind of control, adapt more the game to it.