Reviews for "CrateRun"

(apologies if i just didn't get far enough to see that I'm wrong, got stuck on level 16)

I think it was probably a mistake to make the characters rotation effect the direction it falls in, even if really the physics of it do make sense. At least, it's a mistake with these particular levels, because they never really show off or teach you how that mechanic works, you never show me anything interesting that happens because of it, instead it appears to be there just to cause frustration in a traditional platformers levels. Slippery controls didn't help either.

I quite liked it on the whole, was a good attempt with some nice touches.
Not sure if you'll find this advice useful or not, but I hope it helped!

Short, easy game with nothing really new or interesting. The ending was disappointing as well. The music is great, though, and the graphical style is neat. It's a good enough game, but not very unique or memorable.

screw you :D

fun game and it gets quite challenging.

It was hard to conrtol the crate. level 16 is impossible to beat.