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Reviews for "Sonac the Hodgeman"

nicely done.
you, sir, have made my day.

This is just great, so crappy but so addictive.

Wow still going fast two years later :O

I have to admit, it takes a certain level of skill to make something that LOOKS like no effort was spent on it at all, especially one that plays pretty well like this. The jump arcs can be controlled by speed, and that probably wasn't easy to program, just as an example... The fact that this joke game is actually solidly programmed blows my mind.

I got 100,000 points for my "schore". Why did I do this? I had all the trophies. I knew there wasn't anything else. I spent more than 30 minutes, which I am keenly aware of due to the "tim" digits on the screen, accomplishing this. Why. Why did I do this?

My family has forgotten what my face looks like. I am 30 minutes closer to the hour of my death.

We are all the Hodgeman.

Darren responds:

Death comes for us all and no matter how quickly we run death will always be quicklier

Nice spoof man, the secret medals were annoying but hey it kept me busy for half an hour trying to get triple kill so that's a plus.