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Reviews for "Sonac the Hodgeman"

Triple kill is impossible. -0.5
Music is too repetitive. -0.5
Only 3 enemies and no hole to fall or game-over method: -0.5

Total: 3.5... Good for a ng submission.

Darren responds:

Well, the triple kill is possible, you just might have to wait a while for the perfect opportunity.

As for the other things, you're right, but those are on purpose. The annoying repetitiveness is part of the whole gag. It's just a little April Fools game, nothing more. Hope you had fun with it anyway.

This is pretty good, a lot better than I thought it'd be considering it say it's an April fools game. Nice and addictive almost like the real sonic, all this needs is 100 boring levels and five useless other characters and it'll be the same.

super and funny

how i unlock the 3 secred medal ?

Darren responds:

-50 rangs, -100 rangs, and triple kill.

this is a funny parody game of sonic the hedgehog comig from a loving person its mediocor for 1 thing 5 second music loo T-T