Reviews for "Sonac the Hodgeman"

Man, that "Not The Bees" medal and their faces made me laugh so hard - really good one!

For the rest of the game I can only say that it is, what it is supposed to be: A funny little April Fools spoof of our good old hedgehog :)

oh man.. this is so annoying

31600 score
time 16:35

Like the concept but it could be better (or should I say worse)

1st off Sonac should rotate in the opposite direction
2nd the music shouldn't be so catchy, continuous note should do
3rd the control lag isnt present at all
4th (more for a sequel if there ever will be one) multiplayer where
a. you both controls sonac or
b. Sonac and Fails are on the left and right sides of the screen respectively but the land is vertical
5th Sonac shouldnt line up as well with the ground as he does

Darren responds:

Yes, I decided after some people thought this was serious that the next one will be much, much worse. Some day I'll get around to making Sonac and Knackles or Sonac 3D Blast. I also should have stuck with my original idea to do the background music with a kazoo, and all the sound effects with mouth noises.

nicely done.
you, sir, have made my day.