Reviews for "Sonac the Hodgeman"

I really can't recommend it. It's just--boring, I have to say. The animation is alright, but the "dash" and the "jump" are just the character figure spinning; no crouching, no anything. Grab rings on the ground or in the air. Run and get past three types of enemies. It really needs to be a bit more complex of a game.

Unresponsive controls really killed this game for me. Also with the bees there is no way to duck under them. I press the down key and I tried S but no luck. I will give you a few more stars simply because I feel you put effort into the artwork and the game did amuse me for a while.

Thoroughly enjoyed this game... too focused on getting that hodgeman to care about any faults.

Triple kill is impossible. -0.5
Music is too repetitive. -0.5
Only 3 enemies and no hole to fall or game-over method: -0.5

Total: 3.5... Good for a ng submission.

Darren responds:

Well, the triple kill is possible, you just might have to wait a while for the perfect opportunity.

As for the other things, you're right, but those are on purpose. The annoying repetitiveness is part of the whole gag. It's just a little April Fools game, nothing more. Hope you had fun with it anyway.