Reviews for "Encore"

Love it. The art style is great and the gameplay simple but effective.
Keep up the good work.


New idea offers opportunities for interesting mechanics and surprising tactical depth for a tower defense game, also somewhat steep learning curve. I've found myself replaying first few levels numerous times just in order to get higher accuracy rating and score more improvement points - and it doesn't get boring as you try different combinations of satellite types to improve your survivability against different types of enemies. Also, great visual style and music! Overall: accomplished addictive game that makes you think as well, as it makes you aim.

not bad. i like it

Thought it was great :3 definitely a fun little game, well programmed!

Very fresh concept combined with quite a charming yet creepy aesthetic at the same time. Reminds me of Binding of Isaac. In a good way. The game could do with some backstory though or entries with info on your character, all the upgrades and enemies etc.