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Reviews for "Everything, by Everyone"

Nice, simple, and entertaining.

Looks nice, real good job. The only thing, though, is this kinda makes Newgrounds look like a mobile app. But with a mobile version of the site in the works, I guess it's not really that far off. Cool cool stuff!

jagondudo responds:

to the future!

Very nice

I love the effects, but the general theme is a bit lacking. The placement of the drawing tablet ( I have the exact same one :o ) is sensible, but having everything on the cellphone is odd, since you can't actually play games or flash movies or audio on it. Music's groovy, too.

Nice, glad this took the third spot at least, though the first two definately had some great voice acting and comedy, the animation in this was great, just look at the detail on all of those miniature dimensional landscapes portraying the different content types of this great place. Nice idea; nice work!


can you share this song? D