Reviews for "-The Explorer-"

That is how to be a guardian?

awsome work dude also *dense trees* explorer: YOLO! *pops out over a cliff* explorer: aaaaahh shi-

wow. just, wow. One of the best animations that I have seen on Newgrounds.
I hope all of the 5 Guardians beat the crap out of the bad guy on an epic final fight.
The original Green Guardian must be avenged.

I loved it. You can see the work put into it. The combination of the animation and music was awesome. Thank you for sharing this.

I think this will be some sort of epic adventure coming together. I think you will make classes that have special abilities, and that these episodes tell the backstory of that class. Also, in adventures like these, there is always a reason that these heroes gather up. It is usually some sort of threat that is going to destroy the world. The artwork in these small episodes are brilliant. And I love the way you can tell a story without the character speaking. And in this episode you have managed to link the episode to the first one. The music in the series also really fits. You manage to capture the theme of the episode really well, and I am looking forward to the next episode. I really want to see the series as a game too, maybe RPG or a platformer or shooter? Bullet hell?
Anyways, GREAT JOB! 5 STARS!