Reviews for "-The Explorer-"

Let's see what to say.....I NEED MORE !!!!!Holy **** it was realy nice keep making them you do a fine job!

Fwew! Okay, I think I'm good now. At the end I had to read the Author Comments, then frantically scroll back to the video to see the "To be continued..."
Because this MUST be continued.
I'll have to revisit The Guardian, but I think I remember seeing it and it was wickedly good!
As was this! Your style is so good, simple and involved at the same time. You have the "human-ness" down pat, and those little gestures that bring characters to life.
Do continue, please. I can't wait for your next new thing. :D

Excellent animation and i love where it is going. I am glad that this didnt turn into a captain planet parody when the beams of light shot into the sky nor did this turn into a power ranger parody (i hope not at least) with the 5 different colors or guardians. Look forward to more. Definately favoriting.

I hope there is a "Explorer 2" after this becuase this is awesome.

Awesome animation, AND we got to see the Guardian! (the green one), so the Orange one is the Adventurer, so who are the purple, blue and red?