Reviews for "-The Explorer-"

Who needs a map?

When i saw it was called -the explorer- i thought it sounds like the guardian, then i saw the art style, then i checked your channel, lol. But this video was really awesome, i cant really pick a favorite but having every guardian have a different color sounds awesome, but please dont use elemental powers its been done to death already. But would all of them be able to have a sword hand like the green one in the guardian? and was the green one the only guardian left or something? lol i guess im always trying to find out the story

Very nice. The running animation at the end seemed a little off (maybe add more frames?), but that's probably just me. Laughed when he fell off the cliff. Great job. I look forward to seeing what you'll do with the other colors.

There is most likely gonna be another animation like this soon. There were 3 other colored beams that no one, execpt the writer, knows about yet. So yea I really liked it :D! And you make league vids 2!

This video is no more than Amazing.