Reviews for "Roboteka"

Buggy and not well responsive. But interesting.

.....well is fun but why is it jumping

Interesting idea, but it has this overarching feeling of randomness to everything you do. It's really hard to feel confident that what you want to do is what is going to happen when you try to move.

I like the concept, I really do; it's fresh, different. It's just--so hard to control. I spent literally over five minutes--on just the first two levels. Unfortunately, I can't think of much to suggest to tweak it, save for maybe making the walls at either end of each level a touch higher. Maybe not much; five or ten percent, something like that.

The concept is majorly basic, the robot's not particularly cute and he sure as hell isn't memorable or unique, but looking past all these nitpicks, the controls are terrible, I have no idea where or how to click the robot to make him go anywhere I want him to. It seems more random than anything else.