Reviews for "Pokeball Z"

Very nice animation and cross over!

Also, just to throw out a bit of related info to this, back when the Pokemon series was getting really popular in the Americas they cut out the episode involving Jynx (was a Christmas episode I believe). Reason being the black skin and red lip look dubbed "Black Face" was a racial stereotype (for understandable reasons) and was never released in North America because of it.

But I've never understood why they never had trouble showing Mr. Popo on television, is it because DBZ was intended for older kids? But I'm sure they knew 90% of kids who watched Pokemon also watched DBZ then.

Anyway enough about that because this is great animation, idea and execution! Well done!

Pegbarians responds:

Actually, when 4Kids dubbed and 'adapted' Dragonball Z, they changed Mr Popo's skin colour to blue. Thanks for the kind words!

Rating - "Average"

Lemme first say the main reason I gave it an 'Average' as opposed as 'Good!' was my own stupid formality that I made. The lack of music automatically docks an entire factor from my total rating of a flash. (To analyze the stupid formality that made this rating the way it was please go to my profile and read the Rubric I made; look under "Average") However, the humor was great, the animation was fantastic and the concept was incredible. The only justified bad thing I could pick out from the flash was the voice-acting. But other then that, if my rubric wasn't so strict; I would of given this four-stars (IE. A "Good!" on my rubric) as that's how I truly feel about it. Good mother truckin' work, brother!

Awesome. 'Nuff said.

my only thought...AMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmAZING!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm O_O lol i love that!