Reviews for "Pokeball Z"

moments of my life ill never get back lol but totally worth it

So simple. So good.

LOL awe yea. Dat guy down below should put down his wine glass and monicle then grab a beer and enjoy these awesome vidz 8)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m i like it

I really liked the animation, but the writing wasn't too humorous, and I felt the pacing was slow at times, particularly when Pikachu noticed Krillin's face change. Face-changing comics involving stuff like Weegee and other memes are all too abundant. I get the reference, but it wasn't enough to make me laugh. Krillin's voice was fairly amusing.

The joke is... Krillin. Ha... HA!... it's funny just thinking about it.

Finally "Wow you really sucked ass out their pikachu!"