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Reviews for "The Guardian"

It's a great game. Sad ending. Great story. Probably would have been better as a flash.

What I don't like in this game is you stuck in those little holes...but it's a good game..but next time make sure your characters aren't too small..but I like it's simplicity.

Extremely Artsy
Very Frustrating gameplay
Takes away from it

In all seriousness this game was great. A lot of people aren't going to like it because the gameplay isn't "fun", but then again that's not really it's goal. My understanding is that the goal of this game is to tell a simple story, and it accomplishes just that. The music is great and the art is absolutely phenomenal. Very reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, even if the themes are slightly different. The story, while simple, is very well told and both engrossing and gloomy.

All that being said, the gameplay is quite frankly, terrible. The platforming mechanics are absolutely abysmal and as a whole, detract from the experience. Even with the gameplay, the game as a whole is worth it if you like beautiful pixel art, great music and a gloomy atmosphere.

Great game.... You should put some more story lines.....

I think I understood the story. It seems like the whole Idea was, the giant was a robot from a long ago war, chained up because his side lost the war. He lost his memory and then he just sat there for who knows how long. Much later, the boy, who is a loner, goes exploring and finds him. Since the giant has no memory, he just accepts the boy as his friend. The other villagers grew up with happy homes and parents and things, but the boy was alone, with no one, so that's why he was alienated.
When the bird died, the robot just had no idea, even though he might have been used for war. When the village hears about how the childless parent has become friends with a war robot, they assume that he is about to kill them. This is why the robot becomes either enraged and destroys the town, or he merely moves on, out of respect for his friend.