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Reviews for "The Guardian"

Nicole, this is a beautiful creation, thank you for sharing it, i found it quite deep, entertaining and full of feeling, i look forward to seeing more of your work, congratulations!

i really liked it. yes, its more of an interactive movie than a game, but that doesnt matter.
one could really feel the atmosphere and get into it. the one thing i dont like is that the boy has to die... ;_; i wish there had been three endings, one with both living :(
but anyway, the atmosphere and the music was perfect, the graphics were also nice, the simplicity still expressing all the emotions. but the controls werent that good; it sometimes got frustrating always trying again and again to jump over some bump.
but the japanese letters were mainly correct i think.. if you really meant "guardian" not in the sence of "protector"

Simply amazing. Beautiful art, heartbreaking story. Reminds me a lot of the Iron Giant.

I like the idea behind it, very artsy, but could definitely use more climatic music. Maybe more of a follow up as well. We all know from the get go the we were going to be able to play as the giant. Should of made that more interactive since that`s what we were looking forward to anyways. Liked the style a lot, made me think of Shadow of the Colossi.

A story-driven game, with no puzzles and just a little bit of challenge. It's more like a slightly interactive movie, but this doesn't make it bad actually. The story is nice and the way you have to play gives meaning to it. It's also kind of "zen": you had to forget your hurries and keep calm, which makes the experience very soothing and relaxing.
I loved the minimalistic graphics as well.

All in all, a good way to spend thirty minutes.