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Reviews for "The Guardian"

I could've done without the repetitive back-tracking.

And sure, pixel art games are cool. But your making my eyes hurt (x_X)


My interpretation is this.

There are two way we can react to this.

At first, one might be angry that the villagers killed the Giant's only friend.

But once you take control of the giant, you see the 'tremendous' force the creature really is.

Do the 'scared and misunderstood' villagers really deserve the scorn and detest of the giant's wrath?

That's entirely up to you.

And I 'did' kill a few at first.

But the one's that didn't attack me....I saw those tiny pixels shivering.

It was at that moment I realized the harshness of my angry actions.

And I became no different than the scared villagers who killed my only friend.

So I wondered off, leaving the rest alone.....and myself....alone....but relieved of my revelation.

How long does this giant walk for ?!

It's soooooo slooooooow, and pretty repetitive... It would have been nice if it was more of a game. I liked the little story snippets, but they went really slowly too...

It's a beautiful game and I like the art style and how simple it is. I love the fact that the main character only has one pixel, that was a nice design choice.

That being said... the game is too repetitive and slow. Not only it is repetitive but also the story is VERY obvious, which only makes the whole playing of it a bit of a drag. I know it's an art game and usually I love these, but this one is just too slow. I literally slept twice during the walk of the giant, I'm not even kidding.

2.5 for the half-decent story and nice choice of graphics. I also disapprove of forcing the player to play the entire game twice to get both medals, seeing as the game is INCREDIBLY slow-paced (Which isn't a bad thing in itself), and as such should only be played one.