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Reviews for "The Guardian"

The game and idea was great, but like others are saying, it was a little slow. I loved how you could tell a strong story with such little detail. One problem though is well.... does it end? I went through the story and when I got past the far end of the village, the titles came up and that was it, now I'm left to do nothing :P


I feel this would be better as a short film.

First off, the art was definitely amazing. I felt it really nailed that flixel/shadow of the colossus look.
Now, the audio throughout the game was an issue. These long gaps of walking over and over coupled with lack of ANY audio, including sound effects made it seem even more dragged. Even wind or maybe the sounds of birds in the distance. The stomping of the guardians feet. All elements that could've been utilized better in my opinion.
As I mentioned before, the walking was a bit tedious and I feel like you could have told the same story without having the player rewalk the same path, especially as a pixel it just seemed like filler. "Oh collect more berries >_>"
Overall, your concept is there. Story wise it could use some work. Even some grammatical errors here and there. Keep it up though, definitely had potential.

As I was guiding the giant back to the villagers he got stuck right in front of them. I tried every single key on the keyboard, he wouldn't move at all. Probably something that needs to be fixed.