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Reviews for "The Guardian"

I enjoyed this game, to a lesser extent. I know the graphics and the game play were SUPPOSED to be like this, but i found it a bit boring. The story was good, but it jumped to conclusions and story plots too fast. I didn't play this game to the end, but I'm sure the ending was good, as most games like these are. All in all, I think this was creative, slow but decent game play and an immersive environment.

a simplistic yet charming game that makes a single gray pixel not only a character, but a rather endearing one. i thought that it was a great game with fitting music.
i liked the skill it took to move around the environment, the timing of button presses had to be exact or your jump would miss.

I thought this was really creative and just simplistic. Love the lack of colour and engrossing world.
Could have done with more music and sound but still a really fun piece.

I loved it. The art style is simple yet very striking, the music (even though it disappears sometimes) fits perfectly with the game's tone. This game is about atmosfere and mood, and the slow gameplay is a tool to increase those things. Not every game is about being challeging, fast, responsive and etc. Sometimes you just want to tell a story and make the player feel things he wouldn't feel from other games. I know I did

Dude, good idea, and I love the artsy games, but this was seriously way to slow. It shouldn't take five minutes to get from one end to the other without even doing anything. It was a little repetitious, but that is sometimes ok. My biggest problem was how everything took so long and there wasn't much payoff. THe characters should move a lot faster. Especially the giant. Other than that, I loved the atmosphere and the narrative. Again, good idea, but make it a lot faster. The short story shouldn't be forcibly longer. It doesn't make it more fun, just makes it drag.