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Reviews for "Eisydian Saga"

I can't skip the tutorial. Game goes to black screen...

Aesica responds:

Try updating your flash player? I tried just now and it works fine for me.

Now, the gameplay is really good, I like it alot (despite no restart before bosses) but...

I hate to say this but I really do not get along with the character graphics and story. The main character, despite never smiling, is always shown smiling and looking a bit like a fashion doll. I don't have a problem with graphics being "girly" but their appearence should suit their character.

And then the story: looking pasty the heavyhanded slap against religion (not a fan, but it still feels a little meh) it seems very preachy and generic with the "one missunderstood gothchick and her evil family, which tries to destroy nature". Or maybe that's just because I haven't reached the end yet. We'll see.

mechanics are stunning, fluid and intuitive. that's pretty rare :)

A scrolling shooter with magic power-ups you say? That is also playable? very good Aesica, even if the prologue was a bit heavy handed about Christianity ;)

This game is hot. I love the bullet hell flavor for starts, the menus are fluid, the gameplay is smooth, and the mix of pixel art is pretty fancy.

In only a very few spots does it actually show through as your first attempt at a game. You have got the formula right, however.